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San Jose Roundtable

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Event: Social Media Roundtable Event Wiki


Download the Report:

Social Media Whitepaper: Tracking the Influence co-authroed by Jeremiah Owyang (Podtech.net) and Matt Toll (Dow Jones)


Jeremiah's post with more information on this White Paper



The idea to host a Social Media Roundtable was sparked by a conversation the Factiva product folks had with Jeremiah Owyang (previously with Hitachi Data Systems where he met Daniela and now with PodTech) after reading a post of his about the tools that companies need to monitor the new types of media that are being produced. After our conversation the idea for the roundtable emerged . We listened to Jeremiah, engaged with some other companies over a few months and got ourselves ready to listen to what is needed in the marketplace.


Who attended the Social Media Roundtable Event in Palo Alto.

Who blogged and participated in the conversation after the Rountable Event in Palo Alto.


Feel free to browse and contribute to the page that links to articles and posts on the topic of Social Media Metrics and Monitoring.


What are some of the questions we were/are trying to answer?


- Do you believe Consumer Generated Media is important and should be measured?

- Who is creating Social Media? What are they creating? And is the who more important then the what?

- If you are producing Social Media as part of your PR/Marketing plan, how will you measure ROI?

- Do you think that Social Media needs a structured, mutually agreed upon measurement techniques and metrics (e.g. MSM's ad value equivalence and article impressions) to make monitoring a more serious practice?

- So what should be measured, and how do you want it delivered?




Please use the tag factivaroundtable when blogging on this topic, uploading pictures,podcasts,videos etc.


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