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We had great turnout at the event today. Thanks for all the positive feedback and kind words after the presentation. You can download the presentation powerpoint here. -- GF, 24 Apr 08
Social Media's Impact on PR: How Engaging in the Conversation Can Give PR Practitioners an Advantage
As the Internet has become part of the fabric of our lives with blogs, video sharing and social networks proliferating, it has become clear we live in a world where the individual's voice can be heard more than ever before.
Some companies are starting to realize both the potential threat this brings and see the business opportunities.
This session will cover two concepts: how social media has impacted corporations and how corporations can measure that impact. It will cover the impact social media has had on the way companies carry out their PR strategy and practices, the steps successful companies are taking to engage their stakeholders using social media tools and some cautionary tales about what can go wrong when social media is marginalized.
Topics to be Covered:
  • Social media defined.
  • Examples of how social media has impacted the practice of PR.
  • How to listen and engage -- and the risks of failing to,
  • Identifying opportunities and threats for your company.
  • Getting buy-in for social media strategies from those with the budget.
  • Outcome analysis: What should be measured and how to do it.


Supporting Material

Read Between the Mines - speaker Glenn Fannick's blog on text mining and media measurement. Glenn's bio.
Dow Jones Insight Election Pulse - blog covering media measurement of the U.S. presidential election
Some Links Mentioned during the Presentation
Q&A and Starting the Conversation
  • Review some pre-event thought questions.
  • What other things would you like to discuss?
  • Any interesting experiences in trying to implement a social media program that you'd like to share?

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