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Pre Seminar Sharing

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In order for everyone to be ready to discuss the topic, attendees might consider thinking about the following questions.


If you're so inclined, post some answers or additional questions here.


Thought Questions:

 - Does social media matter for PR professionals?



 - If yes, how can you get buy-in from those who control your budgets?



 - If you are producing Social Media as part of your PR/Marketing plan, it it possible to measure ROI? If so, how?



 - Do the "old rules" of PR measurement apply to social media?




What other topics would you like to see covered?


1.  For a given topic/subject area, how do you determine which blogs, etc. are credible? Also, are there ways to determine who the audience is and how large it is?

This is a good question. I will try to cover this during the seminar. In short: There's no magic here but there are some indicators. People use things like a Technorati rank and its "authority" ranking. to get a sense of how popular a blogger is, but that's not foolproof. There certainly needs to be some due diligence of reading the blog over time.


2 . add your idea here


3.  add your idea here



Add your thoughts right on this page. Log in using "socialmedia" as the key.

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